puma fenty slides

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puma fenty slides

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ÿþIn September 2016, L'Oréal, PUMA's license puma fenty slides partner in the personal care category, launched the first PUMA Fragrances products. The range features six deodorant body sprays targeting millennial consumers. The product range was initially launched in France prior to the international roll-out and was supported by a significant marketing campaign across media including TV, social media and digital platforms. The first campaign featured Usain Bolt and Antoine Griezmann as brand ambassadors for PUMA Fragrances.

Thank you. Great store. Good employees!! This girls have so much attitude I asked questions and they keep saying omg again What the hell Teach this girls customer service please Joseph THE SUPER STAR was a SUPERIOR example of an excellent SERVICE at #Puma in the #GreatMall He greeted me as soon as he saw me and ask me if I need help each time I needed help. I let him know I really liked puma work boots a pair of shoes on clearance that was not my size & he offered to go to the back to double check if they had my size. Joseph the SUPER STAR had came out with my size of the shoe I wanted . He was super sweet and helpful, puma safety shoes can tell he has a Great spirit! Puma is lucky to have him, he makes you want to go back and shop.

If you are, something's wrong! My rating is not super high here. The variety of pants for women is not great. My friend tried on a pair of basketball shorts but he found some dirty napkins in the shorts' pockets. Ew? Gross? I was at this location over the weekend, and though there were nearly two dozen shoppers in line, there was only one cashier. At first, it seemed like there were two cashiers, but fenty puma slides the second one was the store manager, who raised her voice at a shopper who was next in line that dared to walk up to her cash register, loudly proclaiming she was the manager, and she was at the cash register solely to process returns, and gave him an unfriendly look.

The shopper was taken aback, placed his items on a nearby shelf, and left the store. Each time this manager was asked to open up a second register for purchases (I saw a few customers approach her about this), she declared that she only processed returns and would not be ringing up purchases. I saw more customers walk out. The manager stood at the second register, talking and giggling on her headset. She was talking about upcoming events and how they hadn't reached their sales goals yet, and said that she was working hard on the sales goals. The clothing and accessories were not well organized, and the sales signs were misleading.

Matt got a pair of shoes for $25 and a sweater for $20. The prices are good here! I would have put 3 or 4 stars if it wasn't the rihanna puma employee. He was a tall Asian male with a funky hair cut with dark red highlights in them. He never helped out his co-worker. There was a long line. He did was folding jackets and socialize with people he knows. The co-worker had a return. She couldn't do the return. So she called the Asian Male over to do the return. Once the return was done. We walked up he said no this register is closed. There were people behind me waiting to be ringed up. What kind of service Immagine is this when you are not providing "Customer Service".

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